Another good time to sell #BTCUSDT

Just another good time to sell BTCUSDT. Bitcoin is characterized by protracted falls and protracted growth. If a wave of growth or decline begins, then it will surely pass the psychological level, in this case it is 40.000. And buyers are ready to buy from 35,000 levels. If there were no fundamental obstacles to growth (news from China), we would continue to grow. But since we have already started a wave of decline, it cannot end at this level, the fall will continue. When the price moves down or up, it does not go there with candles of the same color, you always see corrections, on which you need to buy or sell. I am not a supporter of buying on the highest candle and not a supporter of selling at the lowest. therefore, I wrote at the time of an upward correction that this is a good opportunity to open a short position. It is not the whales who make a correction, but simply a break in sales, and it will not gain a large number of buyers until it touches its “bottom” or a favorable news background. In short, the decline has begun, wait for an upward rebound and sell at the top.

BTCUSDT going to touch $40.000 26.09.2021 forecast
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