Best coins to buy during the dip


Solana turned out to be the one of most stable coins. Total percentage of its fall was about 25%, at the time of writing this article, 14 percent has already been won back by bulls, in the near future we will test ATH and will consolidate near the level of 300.


Enjin has global prospects to reach 10$ and is ready for test ATH soon. Nearest target 3.38$

Enjin going to test ATH soon


As I said before Doge is one of the most promising meme coins, nearest target 0.2, in 2022 we are going to test ATH.

dogeusdt 4.12.2021


Till the end of the month I expect 0.57$. Nearest target 0.4.

chilliz 04.12.2021


Sand already grew the most, within a month I am expect price in the ~8.88$ level.

Sand 04.12.2021

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