Doge December 2021 forecast and growth prospects in 2022.

I have already said that I think Doge is one of the most promising coins among the meme coins. The reasons are very simple and obvious. The first big investors, such as Elon Musk, etc., invested in this coin at a price of ~0.05, which means that for each price increase now by only 0.05, their capital invested in this coin is doubling.

Now in December, the market is in uncertainty, everyone is waiting for a favorable background for the crypto market, after which the Doge will begin to unwind at a new pace. PR in social networks is not a very time-consuming and costly activity. When a new wave of growth in the crypto market will begins, you’ll immediately see Doge in the forefront, at the moment there is no point in promoting this meme as it is like swimming against the tide.

Therefore, after the formation of favorable soil on the cryptomarket, expect the Doge squeeze. I think we will reach ATH even before mid-2022. I also buying spot at the bottom whenever its possible.

Doge 2022 forecast, dogeusdt

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