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Shiba has reached the level of 0.000044774 today. After an hour of corrective movement, when the coin went down to the level of 0.0000400, Elon Musk’s response tweet was published where he replied that he had no Shiba coins. After that, the price dropped to the level of 0.000033. This was followed by a rise to the level of 0.000040, after which many concluded that the coin was growing because whales were buying it in dips …
I want to explain a few simple things:

  1. This coin rose on news like this one. Accordingly, it can fall due to such events. You need to understand the buyer’s behavioral factor.
  2. The coin is now at a fairly high level, after such news, buyers will be very careful, no one will run to carry their money there, this is not a trigger

I am predicting a decline in the price to the level of 0.000026, nothing can induce buyers to return to the level of 0.000044 now. Even without this Musk’s tweet, shiba was waiting for a correction, but after this tweet, a correction awaits her all the more. I don’t understand the aggressive behavior of the community when I write about basic things. You are in the market, your faith in the coin has nothing with market realities and pricing. Just try to understand simple things. Thank you for the attention.

Shibusdt going to touch 0.000026, 25.10.2021 forecast
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