#GBPUSD 13.09.2021-17.09.2021 forecast and trading advice

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GBPUSD 13.09.2021-17.09.2021 forecast

When you predicting a price, the main thing is to understand its basic movement, what the price will reach, for example, at the end of the month. On longer timeframes, the price is much easier to determine than on hourly, etc., after you have identified the main price movement, never trade against the main movement, buy or sell on dips and rallies, respectively. I want to do some long term reviews for different currency pairs in order to determine Long term targets for each currency pair.

At the moment, the British pound has both fundamental and technical prerequisites for growth, this week I am considering an increase to the level of 1.392 and by the end of the month I am considering an increase to the level of 1.40.

Now try to buy on the drawdowns of this pair, at the moment it is well positioned for growth, I am considering the beginning of growth on Monday from the beginning of the London session.

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