#SHIBUSDT the road down. November forecast. #shibacoin #shiba #shibaarmy

Tell me please, when you look at the weekly SHIBUSDT chart, do you see the continuation of the growth?


Pay attention, for example, to the weekly DOGEUSDT chart. Doge is the same meme coin as shiba, do you see that on the chart there are a maximum of two big weekly candles up, then a rollback down?


This list can be continued, if you are interested in looking at the dynamics of all meme coins, find the top meme coins in Google and look at their charts.

And please don’t compare shiba and bitcoin for heaven’s sake. These are not correlated coins at all, at all. Yes, I did not expected the coin to grow to this levels in such a short period, but you did not guess that it will continue indefinitely).

A large Shiba community is also about nothing. I’ll tell you a common scenario that you will soon see: A couple of big whale sales and everyone will start selling the coin at the same pace as they bought it.

The point is not that I do not like this coin as many people wrote, the point is that I analyze the markets and just see these patterns. Shiba is not the first meme coin and it has nothing special, it is no different from others. Once again, I would like to draw your attention to the DOGE chart.

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