Solana forecast and prospects in 2022, solusdt.

At the moment, Solana is one of the most promising and stable coins on the market. Many are predicting stable growth and the fact that it may overtake Ethereum in capitalization. These prospects have a foundation, I will briefly say that I agree with these forecasts and I think that in the future Solana will take a place among such top coins as Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of capitalization. At least at the moment, it has reasons for this, having at the moment a relatively small capitalization of $ 60,754,811,170 (60 billion), the goal of 600 billion looks absolutely real. When this capitalization target is achieved, the price of the coin will be about 2000$. It is hard for me to say whether Solana will achieve this goal in 2022, so I made a moderate forecast, but also the scenario of forecasting more than 2000$ for Solana at the end of 2022 looks quite realistic.

In this scenario, if ATH will be $600 for Solana, we will end the year around $438, which also looks good.

solusdt 2022 forecast
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