#SHIBUSDT is going according to my yesterdays’s forecast #shiba #shibainu #shibusd

Shibusdt is going according to my yestersday’s scenario, we should see 0.0000268 approximately in ~18 huors.

SHIBUSDT is going to touch 0.0000268 in nearest time 20.10.2021 forecast

As I said before, I expected this because of Bitcoin correction and because buyers was not ready to buy this pair at this levels.

This is my yesterday’s forecast.

#Shibainu is going to reach 0.00002756 in nearest time

Shibainu is very well located for long positions. I open a long position with the first target at 0.0000275. Bitcoin is gaining momentum and I think its growth will continue, at such moments the wave rolls up for promising altcoins. Shibainu will grow in the near future.

Shibainu is going to grow 16.10.2020 forecast